Thursday, December 8, 2011

some time to sew

Honey's on the road so I got some time in my sewing room last night.  I went right to my Civil War Chronicles block of the month - we're in the home stretch now.  I cut the fabric and put together one of these King's Crown blocks, measuring 7 1/4" unfinished.
After I sew the other seven, there are instructions for completing the quilt top before borders.  I'm hoping it goes together as well as the first part of it did (shown again below).
To clarify, it will have four corners put onto it, not rows on the square sides.  I should be able to at least start that process tonight, I think.

I had not been completely lax in my sewing room.  One day, I managed to get in there for a brief project.  When cleaning out my mother's sewing room, I took her bulletin board off her wall and moved it home with me.  I decided to cover it with some home dec fabric I had laying around so that it would be slightly more visually palatable.  It now hangs above my cutting station and is a convenient place for all the slips of paper and fabric I want to keep handy.
One of the things I've posted on there is an article from the latest McCall's Quilting magazine entitled, "Quilt Happier in 2012."  It had a lot of great advice I need to remember so I put it up.  Two of my favorites are getting rid of UFO's and making something for myself.  It's amazing how much the mental weight of UFOs hangs on me, and they do tend to be the projects that I'm making for myself but put on the back burner to be able to do something for someone else.  I have a few that date back into the 90s!  I think that going forward, I am going to have a goal of finishing (or disposing of) two UFOs each year.  And I know which one is first up in 2012.

I want to post separately about the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Giveaway that starts this weekend, so I will do that next.

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  1. "Quilt Happier in 2012" I would love to have had that article! Maybe you can share a few tips with us! Love your Civil War Blocks! Kim C