Saturday, January 21, 2012

progress on Jacob's Ladder

I've been making some slow progress on my "Save a UFO" project of the red & white Jacob's Ladder ... and thanks so much for all the kind comments!  You can read some more about the challenge here, which ends on February 11th, although I'd like to not wait until the last minute for once.  Fortunately, it doesn't need to be completed by then, just "considerable progress."

I trimmed up the blocks and had to discard about a half dozen of them because they were too small or too wonky, which left me with 42 ... enough to do six across and seven down.  So I've got them in pairs so far and will sew the pairs into rows and then a top.  Here it is all laid out in one possible setting.
I had originally stated my intention to make a flying geese border, but then I rethought that.  I had an unopened package of Thangles which I was interested in trying out.  And it turns out that they finish at 1.5" ... since each of these blocks finish at 9", I calculated that six of them per block should fit beautifully as a sawtooth border.

In fact, I may do a double border depending on how it looks.

I'd never worked with Thangles before but found them fun to work with, especially while watching TV.
This way I can get sewing work done on a weekend without completely ignoring my Honey.  :-)

I hope to do a lot of sewing tomorrow morning before the big playoff game begins at 3.  I'll post as I make progress!


  1. Very very very pretty - love the idea of a double sew-tooth border and with the thangles it will go fast.

  2. LOL..I know what you mean about watchin TV...the quilt is looking beautiful...I love the sawtooth border.