Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Here! It's Here!

The new Quiltmaker Magazine 100 Blocks (Volume 6) arrived in my mailbox yesterday with MY NAME inside acknowledged as a tester!  Best of all, they sent me a second copy which I will give away on my blog during Quiltmaker's blog tour week of November 5-9, when I also will share photos of the blocks I tested, two of which are on the cover (the designers' blocks, not mine, of course!). 

I won't be part of the "official" tour since I'm not a designer, but make sure you're following me or come back that week.  I may even give away some extras, like the blocks I sewed or some fabric bundles.  So much fun!!


  1. Cool! I bet it was fun to be a tester.

  2. fun to be acknowledged in the magazine!!! I'll have to look for a copy..TFS!!!

  3. Oh what fun to be a tester--and then get acknowledged in the magazine. The blocks you showed at the quilt guild meeting were exciting and well made. Kudos to you!