Friday, May 31, 2013

A long hiatus

I know it's been MONTHS - really, half a year - since I last showed up around these parts.  On one hand, I have no excuse.  I'm still not working so I have plenty of time to blog.  But on the other hand, I'm not working, so I don't spend a lot of time on the computer.

In that time, we've packed up a house, sold it, bought a new one, moved, and unpacked.  I love my sewing space in the new house.  I helped our quilt show committee by doing the program for the show, completed (and messed up) my challenge quilt, and won second prize for it anyway.  The theme was, "how do I celebrate quilting" and the size was 20" along one side by 13" along the other (for 2013).  This was my entry:
The half square triangles around the edge were blue and red before I tried to remove some fabric bleed from the white and sucked pretty much all the color out of the quilt.  But I guess I was the only one who knew the before and after!

I put four other quilts in the show too but nothing that won any ribbons.  After seeing the quilts that did have ribbons hanging on them, I decided to start a few new projects.

Also, I taught a class based on this quilt by Cotton Way at my local quilt shop:
For the first time ever, I walked out of a quilt shop with more money than I walked in!  I'll be teaching it again in June.

Finally, I won a great prize from McCall's Quilting's Facebook page:  a fat quarter bundle and tote which was a wonderful surprise:
I completed a few projects and started a few new ones also, including some great blocks with a charm pack of Moda's "Get a Clue with Nancy Drew":
And I took a class to try out the Learning Curve ruler, which was a lot of fun playing with curves:
There are a few more projects in the works as well, and more fabric in my stash than I can shake a stick at.

However, the biggest news, which has me frozen in a kind of paralysis that just gets me from day to day, is that even though we are still getting settled in this new house, my husband's job has been relocated three hours away to Raleigh, NC, so we are going to have to move.  Again.  Very soon.  Until we made a day trip there over Memorial Day weekend, I'd only ever been in the city once, so I'm a bit at a loss.  I'm just keeping myself sane playing with fabric and doing a little bit of sewing every day.

The kids will be here off and on throughout the summer so hopefully I'll keep my sanity through the move.  If I manage to blog again before it's all done, I'll be amazed.

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  1. Oh boy Kristen. That is lot to deal with. Moving is hard enough once but having to do it again just stinks. I'm happy to see you blog again and I hope you are up to doing more soon. You've been missed. Good luck in the coming months.