Thursday, June 26, 2014


About a year ago today, I was still dealing with the news that we were going to have to sell the house we'd just purchased and move from Virginia to North Carolina as my husband's company was relocating its executive office employees.  We spent six months in a rental apartment while getting to know the area and finding a new house that suited us, and we closed on our new home in mid-March.  I had some good job interviews and came close to working, but no offers.

Two months after moving in, my husband went into work to be told that his position was being eliminated effective immediately.  Although he negotiated a severance package that leaves us able to make ends meet for the near future, I will be spending the third summer in a row preparing a house for sale and moving.  Obviously, we are both annoyed that they couldn't make this decision before we bought the home.  In the long run, I think it will end up being a good thing, but I won't be able to say for certain until we land elsewhere.

We will most likely return to the Baltimore-Delaware-Philadelphia area to be closer to our kids and family.  We'd really like to sell the house during the summertime when people are relocating before the school season starts, and the market has picked up since we purchased.  Still, we had a lot of plans for this house and have to finish up the things we've started and take the direct route to being ready to list for sale.  My sewing room has not seen any quilting happening, as I've been focused on curtains and other home decor projects instead.  It has been challenging to find the emotional energy to do something fun like quilt, especially if I wonder how long it will be until I can unpack in a new sewing room somewhere again.


  1. what a frustrating turn of events. so sorry for the hassles ........ but hope you enjoyed your time in the state of North Carolina! (and by the way, my license plate also says I'm a quilter!)

  2. have had some big bumps in the road. I'm sure it will be good to be back with family. Prayers from Texas for a less hectic summer next year and maybe a permanent home.

  3. Oh my. I'm really behind in reading blogs and I'm so sorry to hear this. I can only hope that things work out well for you.