Tuesday, October 3, 2017

FAL for Fourth Quarter 2017

Here we are again, the beginning of a quarter when I logged no finishes from the previous quarter.


I thought I would get one done in time - the easiest one of all - but I had no time to sew on Saturday so it will be a 4th quarter finish.  At least I'm starting out a new quarter with one in the bag, right?

I'm going to try a new tactic and put a few things on my list that are also gimme projects.  After all, Christmas is coming and I'll need to finish one or two things if I want to gift them, right?

So here is my updated and revised Finish-A-Long list, the longest yet:

#1 - Candy Bar table topper - this will be my first finish
#2 & #3 - small quilts from 100 Blocks Volume 15 test blocks
#4 - Slide Show quilt (batiks) - this has been sitting on my midarm for months now

#5 - Modern Vortex

~~~~~~~~~~~~ and here's where we deviate from previous lists ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#6 - Soho Chic cupcake recipe charm square top

#7 - Patriotic cats charm square top

#8 - Keep it Sassy! charm square top

#9 - Moda Layer Cake Mix recipe, Kaufman celestial blue with Jen Kingswell's Behind the Scenes
#10 - my One Block Wonder from the class I took in April.  This is now a completed top, at least I made progress on it last quarter.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~let's keep going!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#11 - a Downton Abbey tote bag I started last year at the same time as two others which have since been finished.  I intended to keep this one for myself which is why the others were finished but not this one.
#12 - a fleece winter hat with faux fur trim.  Preferably before winter fully arrives.  Have the fabric (gold fleece with black fur trim) and pattern, but again, it's for me, so it hasn't been prioritized.
#13 - Christmas decor!  I have a matching pair of kitted table runners - one says 5 minutes, the other says 15 minutes ... so why have they sat in my pile to sew for five or more years??

Okay, some say 13 is an unlucky number, but it can't be unluckier than I've had so far since I've finished nothing in Q2 or Q3.  So my mission is to make 13 a lucky number! 


  1. Woo! (I'm here to cheer you on!) Good luck with the list!I can't wait to see the one block wonder. They are sooo cool, and I've never made one. On behalf of the 2017 FAL crew, thanks for participating!

  2. You've got some fun projects on your list. Soho Chic and your Patriotic Cats are my two favorites. Good luck with your list! Happy stitching this quarter.