Friday, July 22, 2011

finding time: Hoopla baby quilt

This week has been crazy, but better than I anticipated.  Like I said, we have all three kids here this week, and my Honey and I are still working fulltime with no vacation time taken.  My son's birthday was yesterday, my Honey's brother-in-law came to give my son a guitar lesson Tuesday night, and the rest of the week has been about making dinner, shuttling kids to and from camps while we head to work, enjoying a few hours together each night, and getting everyone to sleep despite the fact that we have no working air conditioning in our upstairs and temperatures have been hovering around 100° each day.   I'll tell you one thing I've learned this week:  if you're looking for a cheap way for adults and kids to have fun bonding, go to the dollar store and buy a can of silly string for each person, then spend fifteen minutes running around the back yard screaming your head off as you try to douse one another in the stuff.

Somewhere I found some time to head into the basement sewing room - which also doesn't have air conditioning but is so far underground and cooled by the main level that it's very comfortable.  I thought I'd pull out the baby quilt project I began a few months ago when I learned that my college boyfriend and his wife - married almost 17 years, I think - were expecting their first child this fall.  When they learned that it was twins, the scope kind of changed.  Now they know that they are twin boys, and I am trying to finish them up.  I used two charm packs of Moda Hoopla and some white dot tone-on-tones, and used a technique blogged about in a tutorial by Monica Solorio-Snow.  I laid them out in two different ways - scrappy and graduated by color - and I think I might make one each way since I can't decide which I prefer:

So what do you think?  These were so easy and fun to whip up that when I laid them out and found out I didn't have enough to make them both in a 5x6 grid, I was excited to get back to make some more!  I'll have to put them together into rows and then a top, then add some borders, and send them off to my longarm quilter with backing.  But do you have a preference as to which layout I should do, or one of each?


  1. Oh Kristen, those are so awesome!!! Hmm, you have quite the delema… I like both settings. Maybe you should just make two quilts?! (ducking!)

  2. I AM making two, so I really don't have to choose! I was joking that I could give them to these twins and wonder if the one with the scrappy one will start coloring outside the lines and the other will grow up liking things "just so"!