Monday, July 31, 2017

Lots of sewing, little progress

Does it ever feel like life is just a series of "when this, then that" statements?

I keep thinking, "I'll have more time to finish this sewing project when the quilt show is over" or "after I'm done block testing for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks issue, I can get back to work on this quilt for me."

It's one-day-at-a-time progress, isn't it?  I keep "to do" boards going so I don't forget projects which have just been put away for a while, but I always have a short list in my head of what I want most to get back to work on.

I revamped my "Charmed!" demonstration and added five MORE ways to work with five-inch charm squares to present at the Ladybug Quilt Guild's show in a few weeks.  (For more information about the show, please visit our website - my demo is on Saturday afternoon.)  I've been busy sewing up samples for the show-and-tell part of the demo, not only for the new bits, but also because I keep giving away the quilts I've made previously!  So once that's through on August 11, those quilts can go away for a while and other projects can come back out.  Maybe even get some finishes for the Third Quarter Finish-A-Long!

I've also been (happily) sidetracked by Jessica's #bluerkblocks project going on at Instagram.  Jessica, a busy police officer and quilter, began this project to make quilts for fallen police officers' families and the response has been wonderful.  She's just hit 1,000 blocks and is going stronger than ever!  Although her @craftycop account is private she adds upon request, and instructions for making the 12.5" (unfinished) blocks are at - center X in blue, outer fabrics in low to medium volume neutrals so that the blue pops.  I've sent her a batch already but try to cut and set aside fabrics here and there so that I can whip up some more in between demo samples.  Since I live right down the road from the Wawa convenience store where a Delaware State Trooper was shot and killed the day I interviewed for my new job, this project has hit home for me.

My Honey has a business trip in the near future, though, so that means lots of nights sewing without distraction.  I should be able to get my "must dos" out of the way and get back to work on my "want to dos"!  That means posts with pictures!

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