Thursday, August 25, 2011

wall hanging

One of the tops I finished over the weekend was actually a companion piece to a baby quilt I made last year.  I had bought a quilt kit designed with Moda's City Weekend fabrics to make a baby quilt for my girlfriend Janice, who was expecting her first child, and actually got it there in time for her baby shower (although I couldn't attend myself)!  In my haste, I committed the ultimate sin of forgetting to take photos, and when she finally took some for me and sent them, I saw that she was using it as a <gasp!> wall hanging! 

I told her to TAKE THAT QUILT DOWN AND WRAP THAT BABY IN IT and that I would make her a wall hanging instead.  I had a few leftover pieces from this kit, and I also had a set of Moda candy bar cuts of City Weekend, so I finally got around to whipping up this Moda Bake Shop Recipe this past weekend:

Yes, those ARE the same fabrics as in the quilt - just a different camera, different lighting, and MUCH less red!  The recipe is called Candy Bar Pinwheels and it was designed by Doug Leko of Antler Quilt Design.  I didn't have enough of any one fabric leftover for the size border he suggested, so I just measured and cut what I had, and it finished at about 21" x 27".  It will still look good over the baby's crib, I think.  The room really is much softer with a lot of pinks, so I'm glad that the wall hanging turned out more muted than the original quilt (I do like making very bright baby quilts - I think that their eyes love them!).

I hope Laura at Star City Stitchery can quilt it; I'm not sure what size a quilt needs to be to fit on the longarm machine.  She did the first one with an allover circle pattern that reminded me of different sized bubbles, and I'd like the same pattern quilted on the wallhanging, which would be VERY hard for me to do freemotion on my Bernina.  Both this and the pink quilt are in my car ready to be dropped off as soon as Laura gives me the green light.

BTW, piecing the back of the pink quilt was a PITA.  But I finished it last night and then rewarded myself with piecing a few of the Kaleidoscope blocks.  They are going together so easily and beautifully!  I will probably do a few more tonight before preseason football begins and take some photos.


  1. I had to laugh as I have had that happen, too. Friends have loved a quilt so much it has ended up on the wall as a decoration.
    I like the bright fabrics you have used and they look great in the design. Lovely gifts!

  2. Thank you! And as a PS to the post - Laura called and told me that she could quilt a napkin if I needed her to, as long as she can pin it onto the machine, it can be longarm quilted! Yay!