Monday, August 29, 2011


Wow, wow, wow!  Is there any way better to start a busy Monday morning at work than to catch up on your favorite quilt blogs and read that you won a giveaway for a new book?!?!?!

As I was reading Quilt Hollow, I saw that I won an autographed copy of Sue Abrey's newest book, "Pick Four"!  (And, mind you, I didn't get this until after I entered the giveaway at Magnolia Bay Quilts, Bejewelled Quilts by Barb, and Insights from SewCalGal ... whoops!  Time to go delete those comments!)  The quilters on this tour have been posting so many good reviews and photos from this book that, with as many busy, scrappy quilts as I've been doing lately, I found myself longing for the soothing simplicity of a four-fabric quilt. 

There are still several chances to win this book - go visit Sue's blog at Quilt Times to receive the guided tour.  I'm adding a new label to my blog called "Pick Four" because you can be sure that I'll start planning a quilt the moment I get the book in my hot little hands.

As awesome as it is to win, though, I have to think that one of the best parts of a giveaway like this is finding new quilt blogs that I hadn't read before.  Just earlier today in my last post I was writing about free motion quilting being a creative challenge to me.  Lo and behold, I visited SewCalGal and read her previous post reviewing a book on free motion quilting by an author who also maintains a blog on the topic, aptly titled The Free Motion Quilting Project!  This could be lifechanging stuff!  I can't wait to pore over that entire blog when I get a free moment.  But somehow two hours of the day have already slipped away from me with all this quilting excitement, and this is my busiest day of the entire month, so I'd better buckle down and find a way to contain my excitement!!!

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