Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New handwork project

It's been a week since I last blogged, or really sat down to work on the baby quilts.  I'd better get a move on, since they were born yesterday!  Yes, they're very early, and weigh less than three pounds each, but they're here, and they have names (for labels), and they will need quilts when they leave the NICU.  So it's back to the machine I go tonight.

In the meantime, I've been doing more handwork when I've been sewing at all (the weekend was a projects-around-the-house kind of weekend, although the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee have been drenching us for days, so Monday became a movie marathon day with hand sewing).  I pulled out this very old project last Thursday night for sewing at Kitty's and have continued working on it during my TV time:  a reproduction 1930's Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt top.
This is what I have had put together so far, and below is another flower in progress.  I use the Quilt Patis to piece.  I believe I'm using the 1" per side hexagons.  Interesting story - a few years ago, I was in Columbus and near Pati Shambaugh's Picking up the Pieces.  I stopped in to meet her and buy some more Quilt Patis, and she signed my package for me.  :-P

 The fabrics are the result of an internet swap from YEARS ago.  I spread out the baggies of the pieces on the coffee table and see one of my own there with my address in Delaware, which we moved from in 2002.  This was probably done well before that since most of my quilt swaps were before my son was born in 2000 and I got busy with sewing for him.
It should be a fun project to continue sewing as it grows and grows.

My Honey is away for the next few days and while I worked last night until almost 8 PM, tonight I plan to leave right at 5 to devote myself to finishing the quilting on the baby quilts and making some binding.  I would love to finish them over the weekend on the drive up to Maryland to see the kids and then get them in the mail early next week before Tuesday's surgery.

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