Friday, September 9, 2011

time is running out

I had my pre-surgery appointments yesterday and the time until the big "H" is winding down.  I realized yesterday while navigating the hospital that all my previous surgeries had been emergencies and I was completely unfamiliar with the concept of pre-admission tests and procedures.  I got a fancy little wristband to wear until Tuesday but luckily it slipped over my hand so that I can just put it back on Monday night.  I need to be at the hospital at 5 AM on Tuesday.  My wonderful Honey is very kind and patient to not only take me at such an ungodly hour, but wait for me throughout the procedure, which will probably last a couple of hours according to my OB/GYN.

We are going to see the kids this weekend so I won't be able to work much more on the baby quilts until Sunday night, except for the one which I did get the binding started on.  I really wanted to get them in the mail on Monday but at this point, Monday is going to have to be a marathon day with all I want to get done at work and in my personal life.  Quilt guild meets Monday night too and I don't know that I will be able to attend with all the pre-surgery requirements, including an early night's sleep.  I suppose that if I don't have the Hoopla baby quilts for show & tell, there's little point.  The program is on EQ and is done by Susan Kraterfield ... since I don't have EQ and currently don't intend to get it, it might be lost on me.

I will take the GFG blocks to hand piece during the long car ride, though.  It's five hours up and five hours back.  I try to help my Honey with the driving but honestly, I like the daylight to sew by on the drive north, and by the time it gets dark we're around Washington, DC with lots of traffic and construction (and narrow lanes with Jersey walls right next to you), and I'm less comfortable driving his car than mine.  Still, he often drives the whole way home and I can sew the whole way as a result.  Or sometimes I read aloud to him.

I'm working on stacking up my Netflix queue and trying to get my office all wound up before I go out for weeks.  It's been a strange week and I'll be glad to get on to the next part and get this over with.

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  1. Seems like you have a lot ahead of you.
    Good luck!