Thursday, November 17, 2011

buying and selling

My mom, a lifelong seamstress, passed away last summer.  My dad hasn't done much to clear her things out of the house, including her sewing room.  Every other weekend when we stay with the kids at his house, my Honey's daughters have to sleep on the foldout sofa in the library.  I asked Dad about the possibility of converting my mother's sewing room to a guest room with twin beds and he was receptive to the idea.  But we need to tackle the very big job of getting rid of her stuff, including her fabric stash.

People assume that because I sew, I would want all of her stuff.  Honestly, our work rarely overlapped - and only in the home decor arena like curtains.  She was an apparel seamstress, and loved her embroidery machine for personalizing things like towels, tote bags, aprons, hats and shirts.  Her closet is stuffed with 20-30 boxes of fabric sorted by fabric content, but none of them is 100% cotton.  She was also a smoker, and confined her habit to her sewing room, so I wouldn't even want to sell it, just give it all away.  But to whom?

Her machines are another story.  When she retired, she spent her money on her hobby and bought two Husqvarna Viking machines:  the Designer I embroidery machine, and the Huskylock 936 serger. 

I don't want either of them.  I would much rather have a longarm quilting machine.  I saw a used APQS Ultimate I on eBay with bidding starting at $3,000 that would fit the bill.  I think I could organize and sell these online for almost enough to cover that $3K, but, oh, the headache!  So I shot an email to the local sewing guild to see if they might have any interested takers for either the free fabric or $2500 for both machines and all accessories and software.  I'll start packing up the machines this weekend and carting them back home until they find a new place to live.  And then there's all the patterns, books and notions to unload. 

If this were all quilting stuff I could think of a dozen places to send it to for charity or resale.  But I'm not a sewer.  Can anyone help me think of ways to sell or give away this stuff that I'm not already considering?

Geez, I guess I don't wonder why my Dad hasn't bothered to tackle this project yet.

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