Friday, November 4, 2011

layout fun

Most of my time lately has been working to prepare a few blocks for my needleturn applique demo at Quilt Guild on Monday night.  We will be away all weekend and since Sunday night's NFL Steelers-Ravens showdown is a big one for us (being on opposite sides of that fence), nothing will get done once we get home if it's not happening in front of the TV.

But I did manage to trim up the Ready Set Star! blocks and lay them out in a couple of different layouts according to Kimberly Einmo's book.

 I definitely like the "bursting" ones better and will fiddle with them some more next week.  They did not work out so uniformly for me - probably because I was sloppy when cutting on the 45° angle (those pinked edges of the jelly roll are always enough to mess me up - line up on the inner points?  outer points?  split the difference?) - so I'm hoping that there won't be too much headache for me when it comes time to sew them together.  Still, the fabrics were fun to play with and it's such a happy Christmas-y quilt.

Yesterday I emailed my Honey a summary of our schedule through the end of the year.  Wow!  We have something happening every single weekend, and most of them are away from home.  It's a good thing I finished most of my gift sewing already since I don't know when I'd squeeze it in.


  1. I love both layouts -- but I'm with you. I think the "bursting" layout the best. The colors are glorious, too! Thanks so much for sharing the terrific photos. I can't wait to see how you put all the blocks together!

  2. These are beautiful blocks. I like the bursting layout best as well. It is different from the usual and that really makes it stand out.

  3. That bursting layout is so cool!