Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving cold

I came down with a cold on Thanksgiving Day and have been feeling under the weather ever since.  There's no time to be sick during the holiday season!  We have something happening every weekend, and only a few hours each weeknight after work to prepare.  Luckily I got most of my holiday sewing done already, because I don't even feel like sewing in the evenings.

I did drop off this quilt with its new owner, my great aunt, at her nursing home.  She's 92 and had no idea who I was, even when I explained it to her.  But she seems happy enough, even though I don't quite think she understood that I was giving her a quilt.
December is only a few days away and I have not even really had to pull out any coats yet.  Maybe once or twice for early morning soccer games this past fall, but for the most part, days have been warm, even in Pennsylvania this past weekend.

It's Cyber Monday, and a lot of online quilt shops, including my favorites Green Fairy Quilts and Burgundy Buttons, are having big blowout sales.  I'm not in the mood to buy anything.  Our kids still have stuff from last Christmas that they never even took out of the package.  It seems sometimes like we are just inundating them with stuff, most of which they either don't want or don't appreciate for long.  I'd like to take them on a vacation this year instead, but I'm waiting on others to decide what's happening there.  To me, money is better spent on making memories than buying things no one needs.

With my Honey's family, we do a round robin gift exchange.  This year, we've decided the theme is "things associated with the letter A."  So I could do an gift card, a homemade apron (gender-neutral, of course), a gift basket full of things like apple butter and artichoke dip, or maybe a pair of agloves, like I just bought myself and love. It's hard to think of something that might suit anyone in the family, male or female, married or single, aged 40 or 70.  Do any of my readers have any suggestions?

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday and are not yet swept up in the craziness of December!

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