Sunday, November 8, 2015

Change, soon?

It's been nearly a year since my last post and that's in part because I've had nothing to say.  I've had all my fabric, quilts and other sewing stuff in storage for about 15 months.  Within the next few days we'll be moving, finally, to a new state, and the movers will deliver it all.  It's exciting because I will finally be able to regain some sanity with setting up a sewing room again, joining a new guild again, and having the peace that being surrounded by my stuff brings me.  But it's frightening because this move is a risk; we still don't have jobs, and we have the banged-up egos that being unemployed for over a year tends to give people.   But I guess this is a little like the orchestra playing as the Titanic went down ... it let the doomed focus on something slightly more pleasant than their impending demise.  So maybe I will be sewing and even posting again before the year is up.


  1. Yeah, time flies really fast! Please, do not be afraid of moving and changes! Of course, at the beginning it is scary, however, I am sure that at the new place you will find a lot of inspiration for your hobby:)