Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm a winner!

Man, what an exhausting couple of days.  Yesterday I made the six-hour drive to my dad's house with the dog (I managed to stop in at Patchwork Plus in Dayton, VA and Pete* behaved during the wait ... they were out of the fabric I originally bought there but I picked up a mottled white/gray batik that I think should match the quilt).  This morning I got up early and drove another almost two hours to my old stomping grounds in Delaware to deal with banks and lawyers and all sorts of red tape dealing with my great aunt's affairs.  I stopped in at my old office to have lunch with a former colleague, and saw my old boss, which was a nice spot in the middle of an otherwise hectic day.  But then I had to go back to the bank and the law office before heading back to Dad's, and I'm SO ready for bed now.

*Incidentally, this is Pete (who is notoriously camera shy):

In the midst of all this insanity today, somewhere I checked email on my phone, wondering who needed something from me next, and I saw an email from Kimberly Einmo, telling me that I won a copy of her new book, Jelly Roll Quilt Magic, which I blogged about on Monday!  What a wonderfully, surprising, uplifting addition to my day! 

I follow a few dozen quilt blogs, and I know that every day there's at least one giveaway to be entered.  But honestly, I don't enter most of them.  If it's a book I don't want or fabric I don't love, I'll let it go to another entrant rather than throw my hat in the ring.  Not only do I not want to be greedy, but I've pared down my sewing room twice - once when I moved house and once when I divorced - and I'm more judicious about what I add to it nowadays.  So I am tickled that I won something that I wanted as much as this book.

I also texted my Honey to crow about this exciting news and he replied that a few "quilt-related things" arrived in the mail since I've been gone.  I'm assuming that it's the Prayer Flag yardage to finish Jelly Girl in my last post, and my Civil War Chronicles BOM.  Or maybe one of my magazines.  Either way, it's always so exciting to return home to new stuff in the sewing room.

Tomorrow I get my son for a three-day weekend ... at the end of which I will return to work from my medical leave ... and then I will be back to sewing during evenings and alternate weekends only.  But before I go, since this *IS* a quilting blog, I'll post the photo taken of Pink Profusion at Monday night's guild meeting.  Until next week!

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  1. Congrats on the win. That's a bonus.
    Pink Profusion looks wonderful. Love the range of pinks in it.