Friday, October 7, 2011

a timely sale!

Yesterday I learned that I won Kimberly Einmo's new book, Jelly Roll Quilt Magic, and today I saw a sale offer from Burgundy Buttons in my mailbox ... an additional 10% off jelly rolls, already at great prices.  Even though the offer is not on Burgundy Buttons' blog, Leah told me that I could share the discount code with friends ... just use Promotion code CDS1 to save an additional 10% on Jelly Rolls at check out.  The price will be reflected as new price in shopping cart.

Yes, I know, I already have too many jelly rolls.  But I don't have any CHRISTMAS jelly rolls, and I had to pick up some of Me & My Sisters' "Ready Set Snow!".

Before shipping, my price came to only $26.05!  It was hard, but I resisted buying their Amelia jelly roll too (I think I already have a charm pack of Amelia).  I have to leave something for next time!

So go stock up on jelly rolls!  The sale ends at midnight CST tonight and I think that something new comes along tomorrow since it's a four-day Columbus Day sale.  And get on Burgundy Buttons' mailing list if you're not already because I can't tell you about all the sales!  They have some of the best fabrics at the best prices out there!!

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