Monday, May 21, 2012

I need your help -- HELP RECEIVED! THANKS!

Update - Robin in Washington State sent me a message with exactly the link I had seen at Quiltmaker - and it IS in their May/June issue!

I could have sworn I checked it thoroughly before I posted this!  I think I didn't bookmark it because I used to get Quiltmaker and thought maybe my subscription hadn't expired.  But now I'm pretty sure it has, so I'd better get to JoAnn's and snatch up this one before it leaves newsstands (assuming it's still there - magazine issues go SO far in advance that I wouldn't be surprised to see September on there already).

Thank you!!  I must make "I Love My All Stars" for my son once I finish my own shoe quilt!

I must read a gazillion quilt blogs and get so many emails from quilt shops and magazines, and also do the FabShopHop when I can.  So when I see something quilty somewhere I like, I'd better bookmark it, because I might never find it again.

Well, this is one of those times.

A week or two ago I saw something about a pattern to make a quilt featuring many pairs of Converse all-star Chuck Taylor sneakers - high tops and low tops.  My son LOVES these shoes and collects them like I collect high heels (this past Saturday I bought four pairs of shoes for us - two for him and two for me!).  So when I saw the quilt pattern I knew I had to put it on my to-do list right after I finished my other shoe quilt:
(and all eight pairs of the shoes are now done, I just have to set them together in a top).

But I've forgotten where I saw it.  When I turn to Google, it only gives me Chuck Taylor sneakers in quilted fabrics ... cool, but not what I was looking for.

So fellow quilt enthusiasts - have you seen this pattern?  I seem to think it was in a current issue of a quilt magazine but I can't figure out which one (I thought I went through them all).  Can you tell me where it is??  A quilt featuring Converse all star (Chuck Taylor) sneakers like these?


  1. sorry no help here either, but it sure would be cool to see. I will do some looking and see if I find anything and will let you know if I do.

  2. Thanks ... if I remember correctly, the designer took care not to name "Chuck Taylor" or "Converse", both licensed brand names, in her pattern ... which is making it all that more difficult to find. But if you subscribe to any quilt magazines, please keep an eye out!