Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What a sale!

Someone please freeze my credit card in a block of ice somewhere and change my Paypal password.

Last week I received advance notice that Thousands of Bolts was having a big sale and I stocked up on a few basics, including Moda Bella solids, for awesome prices.  Today I heard about Burgundy Buttons' blowout sale and had to check it out.  I wasn't looking for anything, but whenever I find a jelly roll for close to $20 I have to think long and hard.  Well, I picked up the last jelly roll of Moda's Summer House by Lily Ashbury.

Gorgeous fabric line, isn't it?  They also had yardage, so I thought quickly about what to do with it and decided to make the free pattern Moda had published for Kate Spain's Good Fortune Line (you do know how to download these free over at Moda's website, right?  Look for those black scissors to indicate free pattern):

It only takes a jelly roll, 2.5 yards of background (I have it on hand), 1.25 yards border and accent, and 5/8 yard binding.  So I bought some Summer House yardage also on sale (they price by the half yard which makes it look REALLY cheap, but it's still a bargain!), and when my package arrives, I will have everything to whip up this pretty little (little?  70" square!) quilt.

As if I don't have enough to do.  Honestly, though, The shoes top will be finished when my Thousands of Bolts order arrives, and I'm finishing up the border for Civil War Chronicles this week (I plan to photograph before sending to the longarm quilter to be basted for hand quilting), so this is perfect timing.  I think it will go together quickly.

Oh wait.  I also meant to start the quilt I've been meaning to make for my Honey when the Thousands of Bolts order arrives.  And I need to continue working on my Ghastlies quilt, and Quiltmaker blocks, and Dragonfly Summer, and a charity quilt, and a few other projects that have been languishing.

I have to prove my Honey wrong, you see.  The other day one of my recessed lights in my studio area blew and I mentioned it to him (he is my resident light bulb changer).  Apparently we are out of those bulbs.  He suggested that we take one from the spotlights in front of the fireplace in my studio since we never use those.  I said that I use those whenever I lay out a finished quilt on the floor to photograph and want the extra light on it.  His response:  "well, it's not like you'll be finishing anything anytime soon."  What???!  So you see, I HAVE to have some finishes soon to prove him wrong.  ;-) 

Anyway, go check out the sale prices over at Burgundy Buttons and Thousands of Bolts if you need to do some stash building or replenishing ... or maybe just need some of those low, low prices to tell you what to buy next.  I had confirmation from Leah at Burgundy Buttons that she shipped my order only hours after I placed it, using priority mail I can track as it works its way to me, so it's almost easier than intending to get to the fabric store!  Win-win!

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