Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FWQAL Week 3

My aim this week with no kids around is to get caught up with the Farmer's Wife Quilt-A-Long blocks.  I think they're in Week 5, and I'm just finishing Week 3, so it might be possible.  Anyway, here is what I did last night:
On the left is block #2, Autumn Tints; on the right is #57, Morning.  I chose to skip ahead and do that one because of this thread on the Flickr group - it's really about block #100, but someone mentioned this as being challenging and probably needing to be paper pieced, so I thought I'd try the traditional method first.

Here's the funny thing:  this multicolored square fabric was the third and final focal fabric I bought for the three different sets of blocks I'm making here (I figure I'll make three small sampler quilts from each colorway).  I was regretting the print when I began cutting templates, because it seems so large and varied.  I thought it would go better in the large pieces like the #2 template on the left, than being sliced and diced into small pieces - that diamond in the center of Morning is actually NINE pieces of the fabric cut and sewn back together.  But the odd thing is, I like the way it turned out better in Morning than in Autumn Tints.  I think that the first one is just too busy, especially because you're looking at squares next to four-squares.  I might end up redoing that one in a different print.  And no, my focal print does not need to be in every block, but I do want a sense of continuity in color, so it will be in most of the blocks I make in each set.

I admit that I more prefer to work in the blues and greens that went with the paisley, and the teals and purples that went with the spots, so those are probably what I'll go back to in order to catch up to weeks 4 and 5 this week.

I think the nicest part of making these blocks is that my Honey was relaxing with a beer in the big easy chair in my sewing room, venting about his day, as I was cutting the pieces.  I didn't have to choose between spending time with him and working in my sewing room.  :-)

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