Monday, June 13, 2011

Sit and Stitch

I am very fortunate to have my own sewing room - pretty much the entirety of our finished basement.  The kids occasionally use it as a playroom when they're here, but for the most part I can leave things set up or laid out and not worry about it.  Sometime soon I'll take some photos to post - I use an old changing table as a cutting table, I have my generations-old family dining room table in the corner for my machines, and I have a wonderful Ikea cabinet I designed several years ago just to be a sewing cabinet, next to a nice bookcase that holds lots of other goodies.  I also get a pressing area, a lovely recliner and TV, a private exit to the back yard (and porch swing), and a powder room to make it a wonderful place to spend extended periods of time.

When I get down there, though, all I ever want to do is quilt.  Which means that almost a year after moving into the home, I have not done any home decorating, including curtains.  I have fabric for curtains for at least two rooms of the house, as well as for some accessories in our bedroom (body pillow pillowcase and to recover a little bench) but I haven't even touched it.  About a month or so, my honey and I went to an open house of a gorgeous, hundred-year-old home in the city's historic district that was decorated beautifully, including custom window treatments all throughout the house, and the guilt kicked in.

When the City of Roanoke offered a special last month to register for ANY program for absolutely free, I thought this might be a good time to focus on the d*%@ curtains.  So I registered for their "sit and stitch" sessions in June, two hours each week to lug machine, notions, patterns and fabric somewhere else to work on something with help if needed.  Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Frankly, I'd really rather go home to working on a quilt tonight, especially since I bought a bunch of new goodies this past weekend at the Annapolis Quilt Show.  But instead my evening will be devoted to swags, jabots, and other assorted valances.  I really will post some photos as I get moving here (and there).

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