Monday, June 27, 2011

A new week!

I spent the weekend with my son, which was relaxing and restful, but the only sewing I did was some hand-piecing of blocks which I'll have to upload a photo of after I press them and take one.  It's a lot of driving, though - I arrived at my dad's house at 2 AM Saturday morning, ten hours after I left my office.  Granted, I stopped off for dinner and s'mores with an old college friend I haven't seen in years, but it was still a heck of a drive.  I got frustrated with the completely stopped traffic around 11:45 PM - construction approaching the DC beltway - and hopped off until my navigation system rerouted me.  I ended up on a midnight tour of downtown DC, which was actually pretty cool, but I wouldn't attempt that at any other time of the day besides between midnight and 5 AM.

My boyfriend's daughters have returned to their mother's house for this week, so this will be our last full week of quiet at home until sometime in August.  While I'll make the drive north again this coming weekend, I will return with my son, who will stay for about six weeks, and his kids will continue to spend every other week with us all summer.  I plan to take full advantage of it by spending good quality time in my sewing room, catching up on my FWQAL blocks and maybe piecing the top for my boyfriend's younger daughter, or working on my own son's (paper pieced) blocks, or designing the border to a quilt for a jewelry designer with whom I am trading art pieces.  The running list of to-do's will keep me on target, don't worry.

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