Monday, June 20, 2011

Sit & Stitch Monday again

My boyfriend's daughters have arrived for the week, which means our household is slightly more hectic than usual.  Yesterday, his whole family came over for a Father's Day dinner, but I still had time to prepare for tonight's Sit & Stitch session.  I did spend a good portion of Saturday sewing curtains, so tonight's project will be just a decorative sham/pillowcase for a full-length body pillow that I like to keep on the bed behind the regular pillows.

The Farmer's Wife book arrived on Saturday and I've been flipping through it and printing the templates - I even cut out the first 40 or so yesterday while my boyfriend's sister prepared dinner.  I have not yet cut or sewn any fabric, but I do plan to work on it this week.  I'm not sure how our evenings with the girls will work out.  I know they visit to spend time with him, so I don't worry too much about being present for every waking moment.  I'm also still kicking this cold, and early bedtime is a priority.  Since I go to a friend's house to sew handwork on Thursday night, it leaves me Tuesday and Wednesday to make some progress and have family time.  We'll see how that goes.

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