Wednesday, March 14, 2012

... and it's off!

I promised a pic of me showing off Gothic Windows at quilt guild this month when it was published, and it was up on the guild's site this morning.  It's a rather unflattering picture, between the lighting and me being in the middle of saying something, but it does show the size of the quilt well:

I put it in a priority mail envelope headed to Harrisonburg yesterday afternoon.  I almost didn't have time to think about it - it was gone before I knew it!  The color of the quilt in this pic is a bit truer.

I had a box arrive from yesterday.  I've never ordered from them online before but they had great prices on the quilt stencil spray (I bought two cans - the store was out) and Mary Ellen's Best Press, which I love to use.  They had flat-head pins on sale and none in the store, and I also bought some Machinger's gloves for machine quilting.  They definitely have a more extensive selection online than in the store and if you can add a deal for a discount or free shipping it's a good route to go.  I just wish the order-to-receipt process had been faster since it took well over a week and Amazon has spoiled me!

I cut the last of my border pieces for Spanish Treasure last night and might have some time to do some piecing tonight.  I really, really want to cut Sunday short and be home in time to sew this weekend, but whether I will return to machine quilting Jacob's Ladder or piecing top and borders of Spanish Treasure will be the predicament!

Finally, I'm very excited that I will be testing blocks for a future Quiltmaker 100 Blocks volume!  Requests for volunteers went out on Facebook yesterday, I shot a few emails agreeing to terms, and now will just wait to see what comes to me.  I know I complain about being overloaded, but two weeks to test and evaluate some block patterns is not unreasonable, and will be more fun than some of the other things I have going on.  I'm very excited since these magazines are a must have and I'm in on the ground floor!

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