Friday, March 2, 2012

a challenge met

Michele at Quilts from My Crayon Box had posted  Crafting By the Numbers resolution/challenge of sorts to track how much got done in the creative realm on a day-to-day basis.  I couldn't figure out how to make a fancy computer calendar like she did but I did get an old-fashioned kind I hang over my ironing board and I mark a star on each day that I do something creative.  Check that out - 25 out of 29 days in February, even Guild night when I brought handwork and sewed after getting home!!  It went a lot easier once I got a few hand-sewing projects going. 

It's funny because every day that doesn't have a star, I know exactly why.  Most are Fridays, and on every other Friday I go right from work to driving five hours to a weekend with at least my son if not all the kids.  When I arrive close to 11 PM, it's bedtime and I don't have time for even handwork.  The only shot I'd have at getting sewing done is if my Honey and I drove together and I had enough light to hand sew while he took the wheel.  One Friday we had a date night so I didn't sew at all, and on that lone Monday, I remember, I was in a horrible mood and spent the night sulking, taking a bath, and going to bed.

I flipped the calendar last night while working on Spanish Treasures (ten more blocks done) as my Honey bottled his latest batch of homebrewed beer and put a star on March 1.  It will be fun to continue this during the year and see if my months are more like January or more like February.  It's a lesson to me to have at least one hand sewing project ready to pick up at all times because sometimes I don't want to be in my sewing room but would still like to get stuff done while spending quality time snuggled with my Honey.

Next year I would like to expand this project by noting on the calendar what projects I worked on each day, and maybe even how many hours (if that doesn't become too burdensome).  It will be neat to see how long some projects take as compared to others.

This weekend we are home and I am looking forward to doing some more work on a number of projects, including finishing Gothic Windows with a sleeve and label, more quilting on Jacob's Ladder, and either more piecing on Spanish Treasure or cutting the border to my Civil War Chronicles border (which has taken a back seat since I began Spanish Treasure).  I think they're calling for rain so I love the excuse of staying in and not going out to enjoy nice weather.  :-)  Monday is guild and I hope to have at least one fully finished project to bring for Show & Tell.

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  1. I am blown away! Really. I'm not nearly as good as you are. Just too much going on, a sinus infection that lasted almost 3 weeks and had me in bed early a lot of nights plus a sore hand (it is tax time) keeps me from even working on bindings.

    Thanks for continuing to play along. I still need to tally up my Feb total. But I'm off to a show in Nj tomorrow so that post will have to wait until Sunday.