Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a finish

I have been feeling overwhelmed lately.  We have too many weekends on the road to see the kids or other things (wedding celebrations, including two of our own) and not enough time at home during the week to get stuff done.  Luckily my Honey is excellent about picking up the domestic slack with cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping so that I can get some feeling of accomplishment in my sewing room at night.

I did finally completely finish the Gothic Windows small quilt for the Virginia Quilt Museum fundraiser in time for their first of several deadlines.  It measures 16.5" on each side.

There seem to be only two ways to photograph - with flash and color distortion, or without flash but with shadows. Again, the tutorial to make these super easy blocks from jelly roll strips is here at Happy Quilting, even though credit goes to Pat at Color Me Quilty for writing it!

I finished piecing the last of the 88 Spanish Treasure blocks last night and began cutting and piecing the pieced second border.  The fabric I bought for the third border and the backing is en route.  If we were home this weekend I might have a second finish for the week, but then again, it will take a while to lay out these blocks.  I also need to take some time to prepare my giveaway for the Quilting Bloggers Blog Hop Party and Giveaway.  The prize will be a lucky 7 fat quarters of Terrain and M'Liss Rae Hawley's classic book, "Fat Quarter Quilts," published in 1999, so that the winner can select six favorites from the array and, with one coordinate, make a quilt!  Remember to come back to comment on the giveaway post after noon on Friday before the party starts so you can get a bonus entry!

After I have Spanish Treasure pieced it must get put aside so that I can piece the border for my Civil War Chronicles BOM quilt.  I'll take both together to my longarm quilter and have her quilt Spanish Treasure but baste Civil War Chronicles for hand quilting.

After that I need to refocus on finishing a charity quilt and a few foundation paper pieced projects.  I seem to lose interest in those most quickly.

I've heard that spring has arrived here in southwestern Virginia but, being holed up in a climate-controlled office between 8 AM and at least 5 PM but usually closer to 6:30, I wouldn't know.  Maybe one of these days I will try to get out of the building for lunch but it won't be today.  Those of you who can at least see the outdoors, not to mention open a window or walk out the door during daylight hours, have my envy.

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