Monday, March 5, 2012

An older quilt

It occurs to me that I have lots of older quilts which have never seen this blog, including this wallhanging I have hanging in my cube here at work that I look at every day.
This was made with a fat quarter bundle (I think) ages and ages ago.  In the 90's, at least, since I remember the house I lived in when I made it.  I did all my own machine quilting, and I remember using a tracing paper design over the star centers and borders that I tore away later; much of the rest is an eyeballed 1/4" from seams.  One part of it I particularly love is the plaid border cut on the bias.  I actually think the border print was something I found separately which just happened to match and was not intended to coordinate with the rest.

Guild is tonight and I will be showing off the finished (okay, no label or hanging sleeve yet) Gothic Windows donation.  I'll post the photo that the guild takes as part of Show & Tell once they put it on their site.  Over the weekend I did more quilting on Jacob's Ladder and more piecing of Spanish Treasure but have nothing really to show beyond what you've already seen.


  1. Well at least you worked on something. I went to the show in NJ and then worked all day yesterday sorting and getting ready all the kiddo clothes and toys they have outgrown for the consignment sale.

  2. This is sweet - love green and pink quilts.